Coming In After hours

With the beautiful weather we have been enjoying lately and the fact that more people are spending time on their boats in the evenings, it means more members are arriving back to the dry stack pontoons after hours.

On busy days there are times when there are no spots available for boats arriving after hours to tie up and members have pointed out that often there are gaps between the existing moored boats on the pontoons that are wasted.

We would ask if you are docking at the end of the day and its likely that your boat will not be removed until the next day, please push your boat forward as close as possible to the boat in front and then tie up securely and safely.

In doing so you will make room for other members to tie up to if they are coming in after you that evening.

Just a gentle reminder also to please adhere to the 5 knot speed restrictions in the estuary and keep everyone safe in doing do.

Many thanks

The Team

Tamaki Marine Park