COVID-19 Lockdown update

Dear Customers,

The Government’s has made a COVID announcement, Auckland will be entering Level 4 from 11.59pm Tuesday 17th August. The alert level is likely to last 7 days.
The Government rules around Level 4 state that people should work from home and limit their contact with others. 
What does this mean for Tamaki Marine Park?

  • According to the Government’s guidelines at Level 4, boating is not allowed. The marina is closed as of 11.59pm today Tuesday 17th August.

  • Customers cannot come onto the premises to use their boats. The marina is classified as a recreational lifestyle service. It is not an essential service and therefore must be closed.

  • Security will be maintained to protect your assets. This includes locking the main gates, a daily dock walk to check all boats are safe and secure (you will be called if there is any issue with your boat), and cameras will be recording 24/7.

  • The power supply to your boat will remain on for duration of the lockdown meaning you will have power. 

  • The dry stack text number will be deactivated 

    • The office will remain closed.  Administration staff are operating remotely. They can be contacted either on the phone 09 534 8341 (Mon - Fri) or by email at

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


    Thank you for your understanding and support. Please stay safe.

    The Tamaki Marine Park Team