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Tamaki Marine Park gets the tick of approval.

In marine circles, Robin Cook is somewhat of a legend. An Auckland-based boat builder and marine engineer with over four decades of experience, Robin knows boats inside-out, and if there’s something he can’t fix – it’s probably not worth fixing!

Tamaki Marine Park has become a second home for Robin, and we caught up with him to see why he chooses to ply his trade here…

“I’ve been in this marine business for a very long time. I know what I need, and I know what my customers need, and Tamaki Marine Park is a top-tier facility that delivers on both counts,” says Robin.

“I’ve worked at many marinas, but Tamaki Marine Park stands out, especially now when noise control, pollution, dust, and stringent health and safety regulations are squeezing the industry. The location near the motorway is also a big bonus, along with the high-quality boat-building facilities. The large covered working areas are especially good.”

Facilities aside, Robin also appreciates the accommodating nature of the Tamaki Marine Park crew, particularly during haul-out operations. He’s a big fan of the trailer lifts at Tamaki Marine Park.

“They are the best way to move boats, reducing stress for both the boats and their handlers.”
– Robin Cook

Another big advantage is the ability to cruise up the river for warming up boat motors before going full throttle. Robin sees most boat owners warming up their motors while still docked, which isn’t ideal.

On the flip side, the practice of slowing down to 5 knots when returning to the marina is beneficial for cooling the motors, a practice Robin, with his engineering background, knows is best for the longevity and performance of boat motors.

“Tamaki Marine Park is a first-class marine hub. I highly recommend the Boatyard, Marina, and Haulout facilities to any boat builder or person wanting to use the services provided at Tamaki Marine Park. They just make my job easier because everyone there understands the industry, gets on well together, and the location is perfect.”