Tamaki Marine Park: Next Level Service

Next Level Service.

As the Service Manager for 36 Degrees Yacht Brokers, Blair McNaughton is responsible for commissioning every new Beneteau boat that comes into the country, as well as organising regular maintenance when required. Blair regularly uses Tamaki Marine Park’s Boatyard facilities and the marine service providers based there. We caught up with Blair and got his take on why The Boatyard has become his go-to facility.

36 Degrees are agents for Beneteau Boats, and one of our biggest jobs is commissioning new boats when they arrive in New Zealand. In most cases, this is a two-week process—ensuring these vessels are seaworthy, safe, and fully operational.

From a purely functional point of view—other Auckland boatyards have the haul-out service and hard-stand facilities we need. But from a service standpoint, Martin and the Tamaki Marine Park team are on a different level.

First and foremost, they offer the kind of flexibility we struggle to find at other yards. This really comes into play when we receive new boats from overseas—because the date of arrival is constantly changing.

I can get on the phone to Martin, let him know we have a boat being loaded on a truck, and he’ll find a way to make it work, right then and there. No hassle. No fuss. He just gets the job done, whether it’s weekends or other awkward times.

The other big bonus at Tamaki Marine Park is the marine service companies we can tap into. Gloss Boats are there; we’ve worked with them for a while now and they always do a thorough, professional job. The guys at Aquaplumb are also top-notch operators.

To be quite honest, we are super happy working with Martin and the TMP team. It’s a great facility with great contractors, and the service ethos is all we could ask for.

The boys who make boating easy.

The Tamaki Marine Park team made boating a breeze for Drystack customers.