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12 reasons why Drystack storage makes for better boating

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If you’ve been wondering how best to store your boat or how to make getting out in your boat even easier, it might be time to consider drystack storage. Gone are the days queuing at the local boat ramp, reversing down the ramp on a busy weekend and reducing maintenance. By choosing drystack storage, you’re not just choosing a spot to park your boat – you get a whole host of extra benefits that make the overall boating experience a lot more pleasurable.

1. Easy Access

Our storage facility is designed to optimise space without compromising accessibility. Whenever you wish to get out, your boat is quickly and efficiently launched within an hour.

2. Protection from the Elements

Drystack storage shelters your boat from the harmful effects of UV rays and other natural elements. This not only prolongs the life of your boat but also retains its resale value.

3. Say Goodbye to Antifouling

Stored above water, your boat and drive system remain free from marine growth, saving you the regular chore (and cost) of hull cleaning and antifouling.

4. A Hull Wash After Every Trip

Once you return from a journey, there are hoses on the docks to wash down your boat and tidy the inside at the end of a day’s boating. Our team will meticulously wash the exterior hull down, so it’s always in top shape for your next adventure.

5. Engine Flush for Longevity

A good engine flush can significantly extend the life of your boat’s engine. At Tamaki Marine Park, we don’t just store your boat; we ensure that its engine gets flushed out after every use.

6. Maintenance Made Easy

Take advantage of the onsite marine professionals to keep your boat running smoothly and looking great. At Tamaki Marine Park, there are professionals with expertise in marine engines, electrics, plumbing, painting, boat building and valet/detailing. Just text to have your boat placed in a work cradle to allow your professional boat technician or yourself to perform maintenance easily.

7. Less Wear and Tear

By storing your boat in a dry stack, you reduce the wear and tear it would typically face – from constant water exposure and the potential dirt, dust, and stone damage from trailering.

8. Eco-friendly Option

Believe it or not, drystacking is an eco-friendlier alternative. By reducing the need for antifouling paints, which can leach harmful chemicals into the water, we’re contributing to a cleaner marine environment.

9. Economical in the Long Run

While the upfront costs might seem more, when you factor in reduced maintenance, fewer repairs, and longer boat life, drystacking proves to be a cost-effective choice. Plus, you’ll get out more! You can’t put a price our leisure time.

10. Fuelling

Take advantage of fuelling up at the on-water petrol pump operated by GO fuel. Use the GO Fuel card to receive discounted rates on pump price.

11. Peace of Mind Security

Our top-notch security measures guarantee your boat’s safety. With monitored surveillance cameras and professional security staff, we’ve got you covered.

12. Community and Expertise

Being a part of Tamaki Marine Park means joining a community of boat enthusiasts. Our team’s expertise will ensure you receive the best advice, service, and care for your prized possession.


If you have questions regarding out drystack facility and pricing options, please get in touch.