May Updates

Why a Clean Boat is a Good Boat

With the boating season winding down, now is the perfect time to get your vessel out of the water and give it a thorough cleaning – especially if your boat is moored in our marina.

Although the growth happens out of sight (under the waterline), it’s important to maintain a clean hull. Plus, boaties shouldn’t forget to make sure their cabin is free of pests.

On top of that, boaties should be careful not to spread invasive species to other areas – remember – our waters are a place we can all enjoy, and we are all responsible for their protection. With that in mind, we wanted to give you some simple tips around keeping a clean boat. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Did you know that a fouled hull can slow your boat and increase fuel consumption?

Barnacles, algae, and other marine growth can create drag, forcing your engine to work harder and burn more fuel. By keeping your hull clean, you can ensure optimal performance and save money on fuel costs.

Don’t grow baddies on your boat.

Moreover, a clean boat helps prevent the spread of invasive marine species. In Auckland, the level of fouling (LOF) on your hull and niches must not exceed ‘light fouling’ – meaning no more than a slime layer and scattered barnacles, with total coverage not exceeding 5%.

This rule applies to all boats in the Auckland area, whether they are moving or not, and includes parts such as inlets, outlets, rudders, and propellers.

The cabin counts too.

It’s not just the hull that needs attention; a clean cabin is just as important. Pests like mice and ants can easily spread from one place to another when you’re on the move. By maintaining a tidy and pest-free cabin, you can help protect the environment and prevent the spread of unwanted creatures.

Too busy? We can clean your boat for you.

At Tamaki Marine Park, we offer comprehensive boat cleaning services to help you keep your vessel in top condition. If you guide your boat to the slipway, we can haul it out and water blast for you.

To make it official, Tamaki Marine Park can then issue a certificate to take with you. This will reassure the marina manager that you have a clean hull, and this can be arranged prior to traveling. Not only does this help with your booking, but it also shows you care about this topic and the region you are visiting.

If you’d prefer to DIY, we have a dedicated cleaning bay in the Boatyard. On top of that, we have a drainage system that captures chemical runoff, so it doesn’t leak into the Tamaki River and local waterways.

And remember, if you also want your boat polished or antifouled while it’s out of the water, you can book one of our resident suppliers, a contractor or DIY too!

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Winteriser Reminder: Quick Tips

As we go to press – you would have noticed the big drop in temperature. (Winter is here and it’s come early). It’s crucial for boaties to take steps to winterise their boats to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs come summertime. By properly preparing your vessel for the off-season, you’ll make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable boating experience when the weather warms up again.

Here are some essential tips for winterising your boat:

Use your boat regularly

Whenever possible, take your boat out for short trips to keep the engine and other components in good nick.

Care for the engine

Change the oil, replace filters, and flush the cooling system to prevent corrosion and damage.

Check fuel and oils

Stabilise the fuel and replace oils to prevent degradation and ensure optimal performance.

Maintain batteries

Keep batteries fully charged and stored in a dry place to prevent discharge and damage.

Look after the interior

Clean and dry the interior thoroughly to prevent mould and mildew growth, and remove any valuables or perishables.

Inspect the hull

Check for cracks, scratches, or other damage, and repair as necessary to prevent further deterioration.

Clean and protect the boat’s underside

Remove any debris, growth, or fouling, and apply antifouling paint or other protective coatings to prevent marine growth and corrosion.

Use tight-fitting covers

Invest in high-quality, tight-fitting covers to protect your boat from the elements and prevent water, dust, and debris from accumulating.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – start winterising your boat today! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our team at Tamaki Marine Park. We’re here to help you keep your boat in top condition year-round.

Oceanflo Desalination: 70L of fresh water per hour!

We talked to our resident marine plumbing guru, Mike Ledbrooke from Aquaplumb, who took us through a new industry-leading ‘de-sal’ solution that’s designed and manufactured by Kiwi company Oceanflo. Along with exceptional running efficiency, automated operation, and 12/24VDC options, this clever system can literally pump out 70 litres of fresh water every hour.

Make the Most of the Off-Season

As the quieter months approach, now is the perfect time to book your spot at Tamaki Marine Park Boatyard. You can take advantage of our hard stands and prepare your boat for the upcoming season.

And with rainy days on the horizon, secure a private working shed or canopy for hire to ensure you (or your chosen marine service professionals) can work on your vessel in comfort, no matter the weather. Don’t wait until the busy period – book your space today and get ahead of the game!

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PredictWind: Navigating Auckland's Weather with Precision

We talked to Nick Olson from PredictWind and got his insights about Auckland weather and how PredictWind uses the latest models to give boaties the forecasts they need.

PredictWind is owned and developed right here in Auckland. And 95% of the PredictWind team lives here too and are all passionate water sport enthusiasts. As we know, Auckland weather can be changeable, making accurate forecasts crucial for safe and enjoyable outings.

Which is why a weather forecasting tool like PredictWind is so valuable, combining cutting-edge technology and an extensive observation network to provide the most reliable weather forecasts you can get.

“PredictWind stands out by incorporating six of the world’s leading weather models: ECMWF, GFS, UKMO, Spire and the proprietary PWG and PWE models,” said Nick.

“These models are renowned for their accuracy and are trusted by professionals and recreational users around the world. By cross-referencing multiple models, PredictWind ensures that you receive the most precise and reliable forecast possible. This multi-model approach significantly reduces the uncertainty that comes with relying on a single weather model.”

One of PredictWind’s unique advantages is its extensive observation network, which was initially developed for the America’s Cup.

“Our network includes strategically placed weather stations that cover key locations around Auckland, such as Gannet Rock, Haystack, Flat Rock, and Rangitoto Light,” says Nick. “In total, you can access over 20 locations around Auckland along with webcams for seeing what conditions are like before heading out.”

Recently, PredictWind released the most detailed tidal maps you can get, which can make your planning easier, trips safer, and more comfortable. “The modelling in Auckland has a 100m resolution, showing eddies and tidal changes in a way one could only ever try to imagine,” said Nick.

PredictWind is available on iOS, Android and the web. Learn more at

The Superest of Super

In the dreams are free category… a Mexican billionaire’s 217-foot hybrid yacht has won top honours at the prestigious World Superyacht Awards – luxury features included spa-like interiors, a spacious galley, a sushi kitchen, a wine wall, rollable OLED TVs, and a panoramic spa pool. Wow!